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Transforming Suffering to Joy with Amara Pagano

Transforming Suffering to Joy

with Amara Pagano

Camden, Maine, USA | January 5-7, 2018

By choosing to move towards the moment, we begin to meet life in a more intimate way.

Weekend  $225  or Friday Night Drop - in: $35 

Friday 7-9pm
Saturday 11-6pm
Sunday 11-5pm

Often we do not like what is coming towards us or what is happening inside of us and – without even thinking – we push it away. By choosing to move towards the moment, we begin to meet life in a more intimate way.

In Azul we work with 4 orientations: Listening, Opening, Allowingand Moving Towards. In this workshop, we explore MOVING TOWARDS.

This orientation roots us in the certainty that everything in life is part of our growth. By anchoring ourselves in the practice of moving towards we find greater ease with our life experience.

We can also use this practice to move towards our suffering and begin to unravel the knots that bind us. It is the motion of moving towards, that ultimately transforms our suffering into joy.“One of the reasons I love a weekend dance workshop is the opportunity to really settle in and get past my self-imposed limitations.  I always come out refreshed, renewed and full of love.  Amara is a gentle and compassionate guide through the landscape of what it means to be human and brings a quality of deep presence to the dance floor.  You're in good hands whether it is your first taste of a workshop, or a seasoned dancer.”

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To Register: Send a check to Kari Luehman at 
177 Mountain St Camden, ME 04843 or contact Kari to pay via paypal. 

"For me, the chance to experience a 5 Rhythms weekend workshop offers the chance to go deeper, explore further, and to fully immerse myself in the questions that have come up for me while dancing, with the time and space to resolve them. What a relief! I've loved giving myself this gift, even when I've gone in without knowing exactly what to expect—and, sometimes, most especially, when I've gone in without knowing what to expect."

"I found that a weekend dance workshop was a wonderful way of loosening and opening up all kinds of ingrained movement patterns. I left a weekend workshop with Amara last April feeling so spacious. My joints, my muscles, my skin, even my bones, all felt enlivened, yet relaxed. I was also nourished by a beckoning call to inhabit, draw from, learn from, the rich inner landscape that is only mine to explore. Dance opens me up. I was so grateful for the pause in daily life, coupled with warm holding and guidance from Amara that allowed me to relax, find a new depth of breath, move differently, feel differently and grow." 


Azul supports the awakening of consciousness and recognizes that, as we transform ourselves we create the conditions for our world to transform.  If you would like to have an online movement experience of Azul, click this link.  

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