Kari Luehman

Teaches 5Rhythms in Camden and Blue Hill, Maine


It all started when...

Kari first found herself in 5Rhythms class in 2001 and has been immersed ever since. Her love of motion and spirit kept her moving toward any and all conscious dance workshops and experiences until she trained with Gabrielle Roth in 2004 to become a certified 5Rhythms teacher. 5Rhythms is a conscious dance practice that offers a depth of wisdom for body, mind, and soul, and Kari is grateful to both practice and teach this profound form of movement medicine.

What are the 5Rhythms to Kari?

5Rhythms is about paying attention to the way energy moves and developing a willingness to be real, and connect from that place,  to all that we find ourselves moving through on the dance floor and in life. 5Rhythms is a rich practice that continually reveals new and known physical, emotional and spiritual maps to explore in the perfect moments.  In addition to teaching 5Rhythms to both kids and adults, Kari works for Slow Money Maine and acts/dances in local theatre and dance companies. Kari lives in Camden, Maine and locally and afar.

Contact Kari

5Rhythmsme@gmail.com or 207.701.9557

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