Sarah Wilde

Teaches 5Rhythms in Portland, Maine


It all started when...

Sarah Wilde has been teaching 5Rhythms classes and workshops in Maine for 28 years.  She has also taught at the Rowe Conference Center in Mass., facilitated classes for staff and participants at the Omega Institute in New York, and offered classes during holistic cruises in the Caribbean.

Sarah is also qualified to teach Heartbeat, having completed an advanced training with Gabrielle Roth. When in her twenties, Sarah began a career as an elementary school art teacher. Years later, she discovered the 5Rhythms and decided to leave her art teaching position and devote herself to the dance. Sarah lives in Walpole with her husband of many years, and two rescue cats.

When she is not teaching the Rhythms, Sarah is painting, snowshoeing, deepening her spiritual practice,  and spending time with her family and friends. As well as painting and dancing, theatre has also been an important element in Sarah’s life, and because of this interest, she finds ways to weave ritual theatre into all her workshops. Click here to view my painting work.

Sarah brings to her teaching an approach that is dynamic, playful, intuitive, focused, compassionate, spiritually influenced, and reveals a depth of understanding that comes from years of  experience. Sarah is a Certified 5Rhythms® Waves Teacher.


For all class or series related information, contact Julie Bowman  (207)232-1105

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