Me and My Shadow
to Mar 31

Me and My Shadow

“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”

~ Ralf  Waldo Emerson

The 5Rhythms® map is a dynamic moving practice.  Each respective rhythms Flowing - Staccato - Chaos - Lyrical and Stillness. have an incredible and versatile terrain that can be explored over and over again.                        The 5Rhythms® also have their shadow side.  

This weekend using the Shadow map, I invite to you to explore the parts of us that we would often rather not see, feel, sense or be with.  Instead of pushing away from it all, which by the way takes a lot of energy!  Let’s give ourself a break and permission to open the gate and get down into the nitty gritty of the shadow!  We will embrace and embody their archetypes with playfulness and curiosity.  Loosening them up and bring them to life! 

 The 5Rhythms philosophy has no judgment.                           

With this medicine, we open a door for us to become a more conscious human being that can have the capacity to be comfortable with the uncomfortable and compassion for ourself and others.

with Emmanuelle Rolland

When: March 30th and 31st 2019. Saturday 11:30am - 5pm Sunday 1pm - 5pm

Fee: $125 $110 early bird before March 10th

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to Sep 16

Holy Actor Residential Workshop

This four and a half day residential workshop combines 5Rhythms® dance with the transforming joy of improvised theatre.

Our goal is freedom - freedom to be alive and spontaneous, playful and loving; a freedom found in allowing Spirit to move and speak through us. Together we’ll revel in the art of the shapeshifter - in service to the moment, we’ll allow ourselves to be transformed and offer ourselves completely to the stories that are waiting to be told.

Take some time for yourself this fall: relax, breathe deep, and make space for your soul to soar. Staying on a lake in the Maine woods, spending time together round the fire, we will create a supportive community for rich, healing work.

Together we’ll dance the 5Rhythms® and improvise wordless theatre, offering ourselves to the universal stories that are waiting to be told.

Inspired by the peace and beauty of our surroundings, we will open to connect more deeply to our creative, instinctive selves. Not so much a solid, definite personality.. more a fluid range of possibility, full of life.

The Holy Actor is a joyful, challenging, and healing journey in search of creativity and transformation.

It’s a practice in possibility ~
Being truly alive in each moment, willing to show up and respond to whatever’s there
With courage and with curiosity, without needing to know how it will all turn out,
Trusting your instinct to take the next step.

It’s a practice in being human ~ In being alive, in meeting deeply.

It’s a celebration of creativity
And the willingness to feel, and serve
And connect.

It’s a practical course in freedom
And the infinite possibility of your soul.

It’s serious fun, and sacred play
And about as good as it gets.

Will you join us?

For more information: Julie Bowman (207) 232-1105

“All human life was here - bucket loads of special moments in a workshop which required me to be truly in the moment. I feel regenerated down to the bones”

“I have noticed a remarkable shift in me since the workshop: I am able to love myself, to give my attention unconditionally to others, and to lose myself easily. Such profound transformation”

“More and more and more self discovery, finding expression from ever deeper levels of the self, until there was no self left”

“Wonderful, healing, hopeful, joyful and loving!
The Holy Actor is the most extraordinary workshop I’ve ever been to”


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